Learning and Development

Reorganisation of our Unit

In the autumn of 2023, the rectorate of the University of Bern decided on a reorganisation. As a result, the Educational Development Unit (Hochschuldidaktik & Lehrentwicklung) has been established as a new unit within the Vice-Rectorate Teaching as of 1 January 2024.

Il Pumo

The Pumo is a sculpture that has been decorating houses and balconies in Apulia for centuries. It is said to be a symbol of luck, fortune, prosperity, and protects against evil. The shape is reminiscent of a flower bud and symbolises a happy and fruitful new beginning. Small pumi are therefore given as good luck charms on all sorts of occasions in Apulia, especially when a new chapter in life is about to begin. So, what could be a better symbol of our new beginning than our little white team pumo?

A white Pumo with a dark blue background

New name, …

In more than three decades of work, our remit has grown enormously. We have also expanded our English-language services in recent years. These are two of several reasons leading to a new name for the new unit. A lengthy process preceded the choice. Some sixty options were considered before the official name of Learning and Development was chosen. It better reflects the wide range of our activities. The official acronym is LEAD (Learning and Development).

... old flame

The address will remain the same. The new unit will continue to be located on the first floor of the old building at Schanzeneckstrasse 1. After many years of very close cooperation, the integration into the Vice-Rectorate Teaching is a logical consequence. However, lines of communication will be shortened and coordination optimised. It could also be said that the long-standing relationship with the teams in the Vice-Rectorate Teaching has now been given an official status.

We still burn for gute Lehre

With a sharpened profile, we are committed to evidence-based teaching innovation. Excellence in education can only be achieved if trends such as transformative learning, digitalisation, internationalisation, or artificial intelligence are integrated into the teaching culture of the University of Bern on a solid scientific basis at all organisational levels. Convincing teachers combine their experience-based strategies with the findings of learning research. This combination is unbeatable. We are still very much on fire for it.

Come and visit us, there is a lot to discover! And if you have been here before - an old flame never dies.